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The idea of creating a project to inspire nationalist activism among people that share our veiws but not necessarily want to be part of a large organisation or network came in end of 2016. Some activists made designs, planned a coordinated banner action we could start with sending out stickers and other material in the beginning of 2017 which counts as the year we launched the new project Nordic White Boys. We are based in Scandinavia, but have like-minded friends all over the world.

So what are NWB about? It is not a organisation or network with leaders, nor is it a party. Anyone can be part of this project simply by engaging themselves in activism in the line of white nationalism and the style of Nordic White Boys. We produce and send out material for free, the only thing we ask in return is that the material is used. We do not want our material ending up in boxes and drawers like some kind of collectibles.Also we like to have some photos in return when you use our material, which can be sent to us trough info@nordicwhiteboys.com, or to one of our accounts in social media.

For more information contact us!